Are you Anti-Semitic? Or just Mel Gibson?


Not sure if you are a rampant racist?  Still angry about the whole Jesus crucifixion thing?  Not a fan of Woody Allen movies?  You might be anti-Semitic, but thanks to our handy guide, you can now sort out the good from the Corbyn.

According to MPs, you are anti-Semitic if oppose capitalism, tax or season five of ‘Curb your Enthusiasm’.  In fact, Donald Trump’s environmental advisor, William Happer, said that criticism of CO2 emissions was, yes, you guessed it, equal to the supporting the Holocaust.

So answer the following: Are you left-wing?  Have you been chasing Margaret Hodge for her tax returns?  Are you boycotting Eurovision?  Did you think Maureen Lipman died years ago?  Does your cat look like Hitler?  If you answered yes to any of those questions, or simply think Mike Gapes MP is fat, then you are a ‘wrong un’.

Remarked one MP: ‘If you’re thinking of voting for a socialist – then you’re anti-Semitic.  In fact, if you’re thinking of voting at all, you’re probably a Nazi.  Don’t think being Jewish exonerates you from being anti-Semitic – in fact they’re the worst. With their shadowy left-wing cults and secret control of socialized medicine.  Thank God – the real God that is, not the Old Testament one – we’ve a solution at hand’.

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