Shock as customer leaves banana bunch intact


Staff at the Newport branch of Tesco are being treated for shock after a customer placed a six fingered bunch of bananas into her trolley without ripping it apart.

The incident occurred during a busy shopping period causing parents on the home run from school to shield children’s eyes from the spectacle.

Branch manager, Steve Farlow said: ‘Luckily this type of incident is quite rare, but when it does happen it can cause extreme reactions from those people unfortunate enough to be in the vicinity.’

The affected shop staff, conditioned to salvaging massacred banana bunches from displays, are understood to be receiving post-traumatic stress therapy, while some have been transferred to cold meats.

In a preventative measure, the local NHS trust have advised Tesco to position defibrillators at the end of fruit and vegetable aisles and are also offering training for staff and paramedics on how to deal with cases of severe bruising.

In a similar incident in Barking, a member of Tesco’s news stand staff was severely traumatised after a customer took the first newspaper off a pile instead of removing one from a third of the way down.

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