Brexit – was all a dream


After yet another catastrophic defeat in the commons, Theresa May calls an immediate general election and then promptly resigns her premiership. Following the inexplicable appointment of Chis Graylng as their campaign organiser, the Conservatives fail to gain a single seat.

The Lib-Dems sweep to victory with a clear, overwhelming overall majority, with the largest faction of the Independent Group gaining the second largest number of seats, the Other Independent Group getting the third largest, and the ‘No, No, WE’RE The Other Independent Group’ group gaining all but three of the remaining seats which are occupied respectively by one Marxist, one Trotskyist and one Maoist, none of whom of course speak to each other.

Vince Cable promptly declares Britain to be a republic with himself as Supreme Leader and head of state, and re-names it The Democratic Republic Of Frightfully Nice People, totally committed to unquestioning loyalty and total obedience to the European Union, after declaring Brexit to be treason and imprisoning all those who campaigned or even voted for it.


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