Getting a new Earl – just like ‘winning the lottery’, says humble peasant-folk of Forfar


The people of Forfar have been expressing their absolute delight after news filtered through that Prince Edward was to become their very own, real life Earl.  The Queen is said to have granted Edward the dignity of Earl of Forfar so that he could use a Scottish title when visiting Scotland.

‘It’s nice to be called a Prince…but for a Royal it can sometimes feel a little bit lacking’ said a Buck House insider….’so now Edward can add the title of Scottish Earl to his English one. In this day and age that is hugely significant and important’.

‘To be honest, we thought the chance had passed us by’ said one exited Angusonian…..’some people were saying Edward could go to those bastards in Bute and Argyle…but no it’s us, we got him in the end. I still have to pinch myself to make sure it’s true’.

‘It’s what dreams are made of’ added Angus shopkeeper Gregor McLeish…’bear in mind, not just any old Royal…it’s Prince Edward.

I’ll certainly be stocking up on extra shortbread to meet demand’.

The people of Angus say granting Edward the title of Earl of Forfar is just what is need to put them on the map and show the world they are a forward thinking and vibrant town. It sends out a message saying yes, we are here and we are open for business.

‘We think Edward’s appointment will attract literally dozens of people to the town out of curiousity.’ Said Angus Provost Raymond Prosser ‘ I’m sure there will be lots of people willing to walk 500 miles….and walk 500 more, just to fall down at his door….I just hope we can cope with the extra demand’.

But some critics say the granting of titles should stay where they belong….in the 15th century.  However, Angus residents were adamant that Edward was their preferred earl of choice:  ‘No…I don’t find it remotely patronising that the first thing the Royals do when crossing the border is to put on a kilt….and no I don’t find it belittling that the Royals are handed out Scottish titles as if they were naming a litter of puppies.  To think, our very own Earl…do you realise that an Earl is a British nobleman who ranks higher than a viscount?  OK….I admit it ranks lower than a marquess…but it’s still massive.’

‘And let’s not forget he spent 3 months in the Royal Marines before leaving to work in musical theatre.  So he has many useful strings to his bow.’

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