UK music shops introduce ban on popular guitar audition pieces


One store manager from Peterborough said: ‘It had become such a problem that something really needed to be done about it.  I’ve lost so many good staff in recent years as all too often a customer will be trying out a guitar and then, without warning before we can intervene, they’ll suddenly crank the amp right up.’

‘That normally signals a ham-fisted mangling of Smoke on the Water before they then take a stab at Eruption with results too diabolical for words.  Almost without exception it’s ‘performed’ with all the dexterity of a tone-deaf weightlifter wearing boxing gloves and playing with the disadvantage of having had both hands smashed with a sledgehammer first.’

‘Over time staff simply become mentally scarred with many leaving our industry to go to work at John Lewis in the Footwear Department.’

Keyboard salespeople are watching developments closely and if the move proves successful then it’s expected that a similar ban will be enforced on Grade 1 Pianists playing ‘Chopsticks’ and ‘Heart and Soul’ .

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