20 days later and hopes are fading fast of finding The Independent Group alive


‘The Independent Group – A nation remembers’

Yes, you do, of course you do.  You know.  There was, er, thingummy.  And, umm, whatsizname.

You know.  There was a whole gang of them.  There were … well, a lot … maybe one or two … or was it a dozen or so … well, several at of them at least. You can’t have forgotten already; it was only a week ago … no, a year go … er, a month or two ago … well. recently anyway.  Well, okay, fairly recently.

How the hell could you forget to mention that celebrated colossus of centre-rightish-left politics in Ilford … errr … you know … the angry fat one … errr … whatsisname … the one who only now thinks that the two-party political system is broken, after his decades as a Labour MP … errr … thingumy … he goes on very important work trips to Saudi Arabia … errr … the Fatty Arbuckle impersonator … errrrr … oh, forget it.

And they had these policies.  Well presumably they had these policies.  Well some policies.  I think.  The included … well … some policies … on something or other … probably.  At least, I think they had some policies.  But I could be wrong about that.

And they were called, er, whatever it was they were called, which was … umm … well they must have been called something.

But as I was saying: you remember that group of independent MPs?  Well, what happened to them in the end?

(hattip Crayon & Yabasta)

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