Government allowed to change their mind on Brexit bill, but not British people


As Theresa May plans the third, fourth, fifth and sixth reading of her bill to pass her unpopular Brexit bill, because she literally doesn’t have anything else to do, people are starting to wonder how she is able to get Parliament to agree to keep voting on the same thing multiple times when the British public have been told quite clearly that:  ‘You voted for Brexit – tough!  You can’t change your mind now’

It is feared that unless something drastic changes that parliament will get stuck in an infinite loop of not being able to leave the EU and not being able to cancel Brexit forever.

‘We’ve voted down the No-deal brexit option’, one MP replied,  ‘But we should have voted down the ‘no clue brexit’ as well.  Perhaps if we carry this on long enough people will just forget the whole Brexit thing.  It’s a fad, isn’t it?  Like Hula Hoops and Instagram.  It’ll be all forgotten in a few weeks and we can get back to inflating our expenses and long lunches like we usually do.’

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