MPs reject the absence of denial of a deal-less Brexit


The House of Commons has firmly rejected the proposed situation where Brexit would have or could have occurred in the vacuum created by a deal not existing or being assumed not to exist. At the same time, MPs have replaced it with a complete absence of any plan in which an absence of a deal could conceivably have existed at a time when Brexit might have called for a deal.

Vernon Dudley Bowhay-Nowell (Con: Bass Guitar) commented forcefully: ‘I acknowledge that I voted for the invocation of Article 50 which implies a no-deal Brexit unless a deal is agreed. I also acknowledge that I then rejected the only deal offered, and so made a no-deal Brexit the logical outcome of my voting record. However, I emphatically deny that I avoided rejecting the absence of a Brexit deal and the idea that I might have in some way caused a no-deal Brexit is obviously disproven by my totally self-contradictory votes. Of this we can be certain.’

Roger Ruskin Spear (Lab: Tenor Sax) was one of many to disagree pointing out that he had ‘rejected the rejection of the rejection of no-no-no deal on many occasions’ as his 5 impossible tests testified. His argument rests on the assumption that, since his 5 tests were impossible to meet, then it was clear that he could not possibly have failed to avert an absence of objection to the deal not existing.

‘Legs’ Larry Smith (Lib: Drums) complained that his brain hurt and asked if he could go home now.

An unruly independent pointed out the obvious and embarrassing fact that since no-deal had only lost by 4 votes, it was actually 37.25 times as popular as Theresa May’s proposed deal.

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