Celeb ruins branded product by actually having something to do with making it


In a disastrous misunderstanding of how airhead celebrity culture works, a minor Kardashian has insisted on being in some way involved in creating a product marketed with her name on it.

“I just thought it would be, like, really authentic, and good for my growth as a person, to take a hands-on role in making the… what was it, lip gloss? No… perfume, that was it,” said the celeb who we’ll call K, since we’re not sure which one she is either.

However, the actual scientist who led the project said K was a nightmare who just got in everyone’s way, her only saving grace being that she never turned up before mid-afternoon.

“In the end, we just gave her some coloured blocks to play with in the corner. Told her we’d all be really impressed if she could make a tower that included all four blue ones. She never worked out there were only three.”

When the perfume was finally ready, two more of the sisters insisted on putting their names to it. Despite the marketing department’s insistence that the name KKK might put some people off, it soon became the best selling brand in the South.

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