Office worker still unsure whether to talk about rugby or football today

stressed worker

Admin assistant, Gareth Jacobs, has admitted to friends that he spent the weekend panicking about which topic his colleagues will want to talk about at work today.

The past weekend has had big matches in the 6 Nations Championship and in both the Premier League and the FA Cup and despite it already being lunchtime, Mr Jacobs is still flummoxed as to which he should pretend to be a fan of just so he can fit in with the others.

“It’s a nightmare,” he confided to online friend, Tony92. “What if I memorised the footy scores just to find out that everyone else is talking about the rugby? I’ll never live it down! People just don’t understand the pressure us office juniors are under to get it right!”

Tony92 told our reporter, “I feel for Gareth. He’s under so much pressure to fit in, especially since he got it wrong about last week in the who’s the sexiest out of Beyoncé and Meghan Markle conversation, and the week before that it was whether or not you should put lemon or syrup on your pancakes. He really can’t take much more.”

Newsbiscuit was unable to speak to Gareth as he had just run sobbing into the toilet on finding out that the F1 season started on Sunday.

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