Enough is enough, say Brexiteers


Feelings were running high in the Beaten Docket pub in Worcester as a group of Pro Brexiteers discussed the upcoming meaningful vote, round 3.

Eric, who has just been sanctioned and had his benefits frozen for six months for failing to call his Job Centre Supervisor Sir, voiced the opinion of many people in the area, saying “ we feel that we are just Prawns in the EU game, victims of the European elite”.

For Bob who, despite having no arms or legs, has just been passed fit for work by the DWP, says it’s all about taking back control. “Every time I sneeze, I piss myself,whats that all about, that never happened before we joined the EU?”

Gulping back his Stella Artois, Bob complained bitterly about the immigrants,”taking all our jobs, signing on and refusing to work and then opening businesses, they expect us to work for them? Bloody cheek.”

Tracey who has just been made redundant from her job as a classroom assistant says that it’s the secret laws the EU pass which she can’t understand.

“We are a sovereign nation” she said, “Parliament should be making our laws, no decent UK Government would have voted for the massive Police cuts, for having our schools starved of funding, we have lost 32,000 NHS beds since 2010, the EU are jealous, they want to destroy our Health Service, we should listen to Boris, I read the mail and the Telegraph, I’m not stupid.

With tempers running high, they all agreed that the EU had got worse since 2010,”its that bloody austerity” said Bob, “give it a fancy French name and they think we will put up with it.”

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