Don’t worry, there are still loads more rhinos


Following the news that the last male Northern White Rhino has died, David Attenborough has said that it is sad, but there are still loads more of other sorts of rhinos, so it could be worse.

Extinction is now inevitable for the Northern White Rhino, whose population has been reduced by decades of hunting by poachers.  But Attenborough pointed that, while it was a tragedy and a sorry indictment of the human race, there are still, like, thousands of other rhinos.

Speaking to reporters outside his home, a spokesman for Attenborough said: ‘Yeah, I’m as sad as anyone about this. It is always a tragedy when a species goes extinct.  But, you know, there are loads of other species of rhino.  And you can barely even tell the difference.’

‘Well, David can’t anyway.’

‘I mean, let’s just keep some perspective here.  You’ve got northern rhinos, southern rhinos, white rhinos, black rhinos.  There are loads of rhinos, you can go and see them in the zoo.’

Attenborough later called a press conference where he announced that, even if every species of rhino did die, it wouldn’t be as bad as if tigers went extinct.


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