Success, as 3 million of the 16 million original remainers still support remain


The ‘Cancel Brexit’ petition has passed 3m signatures in less than 48 hours, which is amazing. Particularly as ‘Vote Remain’ passed 16 million in 24 hours. At this rate ‘Cancel Brexit’ will achieve less than a quarter of the support, in twice the time. Or put another way, if they keep losing supporters at this rate, 100% of the UK will be Vote Leave by Wednesday.

A ‘Cancel Brexit’ spokeswoman explained: ‘Obviously it was easier for the original Remain campaign, as voters had to leave their houses to visit polling stations, whereas our campaign requires you to click a mouse button three times. People feel strongly about staying in the EU, but they cannot be expected to sit in a sedentary position and flex one digit’.

The campaign is going to be followed up with a huge march through the streets of London, promoting Remain to people who already voted Remain and would vote Remain again, regardless of any march. One excited participant said: ‘It’s not about change, it’s about giving the impression of change. Oh and about a delightful coffee bar I found off of Oxford Circus’.

An electrified electorate said: ‘Meh?’

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