Festivals to ban ‘double denim’


The wearing of double denim at music gigs and festivals is to be banned from the 1st of June, announced music promoters today.  As the popularity of Americana and country-based music continues to grow in the UK, the music industry says a line needs to be drawn in the sand before things really get out of hand.
‘There are already worrying signs’, said Bestival organiser Josh Riley. ‘We’re already seeing the return of torn denims as a fashion statement. Gap year kids from Uni with rips in the knees. Kids spending £300 on factory distressed denims to try and make them look authentic and poor. I thought we had seen the last of that one, but just like other unpleasant things from the 70’s – like gonorrhoea and the Cold War – it’s back’.

The wearing of denim jeans and a denim jacket together has long been associated with rural Americans and dates back to the 1870’s. Denims became popular with American youngsters sometime in the 1950’s and soon became synonymous with West Coast music and hippy culture. Yet, as styles changed, the jeans and jacket combination had largely died out here in the UK, now only worn only by Quo diehards and people in the West Midlands where fashion has still to gain a foothold.

‘First year students, trying to look cool, sitting on the pavement at bus-stops learning how to roll a tab. All that’s  back too’, sighed one fashion commentator. ‘ Nearly all of them in ripped denims. It’s just one small step away from the double-denim combo. I saw a couple in matching double denims at a Jake Bugg concert last night. I don’t know what they were thinking. Jake couldn’t have seen it or I’m sure he would have said something.’

‘And it gets worse’, continued the commentator with trepidation. ‘Somebody said they saw somebody in triple denim recently. Jeans, shirt and jacket. But that can’t be right?  Nobody would do that….surely? Not here in the UK, not in broad daylight. Tell me it’s a lie’.

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