People’s vote only for people who can pronounce “quinoa”


A leaked government memo, written in preparation for a possible second ballot, aka a “people’s vote” on leaving the EU, has identified a number of measures that might help ensure the right result.

Codenamed Operation The Will Of The (Right Sort Of) People, the memo proposes that each ballot paper carries a randomly selected preliminary question, and only those who get it right will have their votes counted. Suggested questions include:

– how to pronounce “quinoa”.
– what you most enjoyed at Glyndebourne this year (with most of the options being operas that weren’t shown this year, to weed out people who try and guess)
– how many sections there are to the Observer
– this season’s foods to be intolerant of
– questions about any part of England north of Watford (the only acceptable answers being “How on earth would I know?”, “It’s a trick question, there isn’t anything north of Watford” or “What’s Watford?”)

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