Vera Lynn confirms more details of exactly when we’ll meet


The new album by centenarian pop princess Dame Vera Lynn has clarified the arrangements for the much publicised but vague rendezvous from her 1939 classic, ‘We’ll Meet Again’. ‘We were all a bit giddy on spam and black market booze when we did that, but ‘Some sunny day’ is no use to man nor beast,’ she admitted

Dame Vera has quashed speculation that the meeting would be at famous landmarks associated with her, such as the White Cliffs of Dover. ‘‘Don’t know where, don’t know when’ has been replaced with ‘Outside Greggs on Chiswick High Road, 11 O’clock on 14 April’. That’s just after I have my bunions done at the clinic.’

She was, however, unable to divulge who she is expecting to meet after all these years, but added: ‘It’s been ages since anyone’s visited my land of hope and glory, I’m not that fussy.’

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