Man who randomly called ‘heads’ now willing to defend his decision to the death


Arthur Browne, a middle-aged accountant from Cheshire, has vowed ‘glory or death’ following a random coin-toss.

“He really didn’t have a strong opinion to start with”, said his wife. “Just shrugged and said ‘oh, okay then, heads, whatever’. When the coin actually did come down heads he pulled his jumper over his face and ran round the living room, and now he’s impossible to live with”.

Since the decision Browne has spent most of his waking hours on social media, praising the coin’s final position and trying to formulate a law of physics which would explain why ‘heads’ is the ‘correct’ landing position for a pound coin.

Mr Brown’s next door neighbour, Barry Jones, picked ‘tails’. He hasn’t been seen for two weeks, following a ‘heated’ debate with Mr Browne about aerodynamics, a subject which neither man holds any qualifications in. Police are growing increasingly concerned about his wellbeing, though several officers just snorted and muttered something about ‘tailers’.

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