MP’s are today’s pinups says teacher


Nursery School teacher Charlotte Kirk today explained why trying to teach children right from wrong has become harder and harder since Parliament has been televised.
‘When I was training,’ Charlotte said, ‘we were taught that children would have role models they could look up to, sports stars, actors, musicians, now and its politicians. After watching broadcasts from the House of Commons, little ones are arriving in Infant 1, already knowing that the best way to get on in life is to lie and cheat.’
‘One day last week, I noticed 4 or 5 children missing and found them out in the corridor plotting as to how they could rig the vote to get Jemima ousted as milk monitor,’, continued Charlotte. ‘Yesterday when I asked little Michael why he hadn’t done his homework, he told me that the EU had put his father’s Biro factory out of business and that he didn’t have a pen.’
‘His dad admitted afterwards that he had sold his Biro business for a healthy profit before Michael was even born and that there were plenty of pens in the house. We have kids trying to claim expenses from the school office.
One boy brought in the bill for his family trip to Disney Land Paris, claiming that it was a fact finding trip and a 6 year old girl trying to claim for her Wendy house as a second home’, noted the teacher.
‘Of course Brexit has made things a thousand times worse, children organising a boycott of kinder eggs from the tuck shop because Grandad hates Germans but little Jeremy stock piling them for when the inevitable shortage occurs.
The children have become more and more obsessed, every time the bell rings for end of a lesson, little John roars, Unlock!’ said Charlotte.
‘I try to tell them it’s nice to be nice’, concluded Charlotte, ‘but they just say “Look at your paycheck, Miss. Morals are for losers”. ‘

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