Office worker calls for end to ‘dress-down Fridays’


A man from Telford has called for the nationwide abolishment of ‘dress-down Fridays’ as he argues the slightly-more-relaxed-than-normal atmosphere leads to a clear drop in professional working standards.

“To me, this trend makes an utter mockery of the most important day of the working week,” says Administrative Executive Colin Dudd.

“Friday’s aren’t about leaving your tie-pin at home or ordering a Dominos; they’re about looking sharp and making sure you’ve completed every single task on your ‘to do’ list before the weekend arrives. I’m always working long after those slackers have gone home. Sometimes I’m still beavering away until 2am.

“Nothing is stranger than seeing a fellow colleague walking around the office in their Game of Thrones t-shirts and ‘stylish’ denim jeans that look like they’ve been torn to shreds by a pack of angry wolves. What would Sir Alan say about such amateurism?

“In protest to this ridiculous cultural trend and to force management into action, I will be coming to work next Friday wearing absolutely nothing. Though I’ll obviously be wearing my Peaky Blinders flat cap as that’s my trademark fashion accessory at office parties.”

Company Director Dennis Fallon said: “Colin will be sacked next week”

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