Your guide to the runners in the Grand National Suicide

grand national

Dealornodeal – A dour stayer, certain to be there to the very end but unlikely to be in the frame unless he manages to unseat all the other riders. 10/1

Nigel’s March – The starting point for all the ‘horse goes into a pub’ jokes and has looked impressive on shorter courses. The long trip down from Sunderland may hurt his chances, though some believe he was stabled in London all along. 40/1

Revoke Revoke – Popular among London gamblers but not really seen as an option by the smart money. A surprise run could cause enormous embarrassment, though. 14/1

Sunlit Uplands – Huge promise two seasons ago but has totally failed to deliver ever since. Owners still insist he is one for the future but most punters agree he should be humanely destroyed. 33/1

Norway Option – Has shot up in the bookies’ estimation in the last week. Not very well known. 20/1

MV4 – Currently not listed in the final 40, but could well make the starting line-up if either of Revoke Revoke or Sunlit Uplands is withdrawn because the ground is too boggy. 25/1

Willofthepeople – Best ignored. 500/1

One for Esther – An attractive female jockey always gets a lot of attention, but hard to see this one really making a mark on the race. 66/1

Indicative Vote – Beaten on all eight of its last outings. Hard to support on that basis, but keeps plugging away and may yet take everyone by surprise. 33/1

Leave Means Leave – A seemingly straightforward animal, but her form over the past three seasons has baffled racing analysts. Was almost surprised by the 500/1 shot Jeremy’s Joy in the General Election Stakes of 2017, despite being the stand-out horse in a dismal field. Very unlikely to get past the Speaker’s Chair. 50/1

Francois – Despite the name, this one has a thoroughly English pedigree. Otherwise nothing to recommend it. Likely to charge the first fence head on and unseat his rider, assuming he has not overheated already. May not even make the weight. 250/1

Bonking BoJo – A striking white-maned stallion, bound to be popular with occasional female punters but too lazy to stay the course over the full distance. Probably about to be put out to stud and would probably enjoy it better. 50/1

Ayestotheright – An impressive sight in full flight, but temperamental and likely to be carried out by the pack. 33/1

Take Back Control – Nearly won the 2016 running but his best days are behind him now. 50/1

Ulster Boy – Unclear what his connections are trying to achieve by running him at all. Has taken part in the race for the last three seasons, constantly causing mayhem in the pack and not really trying to win. Bound to be in the mix but no chance of a place and best left in the 17th century where he belongs. 100/1

Canny Scot – Made a strategic mistake of staying in the race three years ago when he might have done better over other courses. An intelligent beast, though. 16/1

Barnier’s Delight – Only French horse in the race. Bound to be well turned-out, some question marks over his willingness to stay the course among so many hopeless hacks and indeed his willingness to go on living. 7/1SF

Bumbling Along – Two-time winner and hot favourite again, for good reason. Has already been installed as favourite for next year’s race as well. 9/4F

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