Geller claims TV triumph with new anti-Brexit TV show ‘Uri Nation’


‘Like the best ideas, this came to me in the middle of the night,’ said the 72-year-old psychic and cutlery distorter. ‘Taking a leak in the wee hours gave me the idea of leaks in general, so using my psychic powers I then sabotaged the plumbing at Westminster and the next thing you know, long extension!’

The Israeli mind-over-doesn’t-matter man continued: ‘I know for maximum impact I should have predicted the leak before it happened, thereby proving it was me and not the ancient pipes of the Commons that caused the shower. But I did not want to spoil the surprise!’

Now Channel 5 will be screening Uri-Nation weekly till we leave Europe or decide to stay. Geller refuses to say where the next surprise leak might occur but warned: ‘If Boris Johnson wets his pants next week during his leadership bid it’s not because he’s trying to put out a fire!’

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