Man inspired by Grand National whips cats around obstacle course

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A man is facing possible charges of cruelty to animals after he was found to have strapped short weights onto the backs of forty cats and kittens, and then forced them to run around his yard by repeatedly beating their rear ends with a whip.

Subsequently, the man killed three of the cats that were very badly injured by the many dangerous obstacles that he had put in their way. Some of the cats had been given ketamine to mask the pain of previous injuries, and to speed up the slower ones.

“I’ve always wanted to be a great sportsman,” said the man, “you know, just like our sporting heroes in that there Grand National they show on the telly every year.”

The surviving animals were taken to rescue centres following veterinary checks, and the man has been cautioned on the condition that he stops being such a nasty bastard.

“I do now see that I made a terrible mistake with the old cat racing thing that I was playing at,” said the man.

“I’ll get myself a load more cats, but next time I’ll throw in a little field mouse for them to chase about, so then I can say that it’s one of those ‘traditional country sports’ instead.”

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