Middle-aged men finding it difficult to keep up Radiohead enthusiasm


The vast majority of men over thirty are finding it hard to stay excited at the prospect of a new Radiohead album, according to a new poll by Ipsos Mori.

In the key 30-42 year old demographic, male respondents have shown that their likelihood of ‘getting down to the local Our Price to be one of the first to listen to the new Radiohead album’ has fallen from 97% to just under 18% since 1997.

Tim Falconer, a 37 year old father of two, said: ‘I hate to admit it, but the prospect of 50 minutes alone with Thom Yorke’s voice and Jonny Greenwood’s guitars actually doesn’t excite me any more. When you’ve been out at the park all day, had a takeaway Jalfrezi and then settled down to watch Wallander, I find it really difficult to convince myself that an album of gurgling noises is a good idea, let alone convincing Mrs F!’

Where once a new Radiohead album was a cultural cause for celebration, nowadays it usually just results in a lot of men reading a review online and making a mental note to have a look at the cover the next time they are in a record shop, before letting their minds ponder on the topic of whether there are any decent record shops anymore and when they’ll get round to putting all their CDs onto their iPod.

Kathy Thursoe, one of the several female Radiohead fans, agreed that this phenomenon had also arrived among women, albeit several albums ago. ‘I stopped listening after Kid A’, she admitted. ‘I did get quite excited about the pay-what-you-feel-like album, though. You know, on a kind of stick-it-to-the-record-companies, smash-the-traditional-business-model kind of way. But then I only listened to it once, which makes it one of the most expensive albums I own, in terms of value-for-money.’

14th April 2010

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