Man shakes man’s fist as greeting goes horribly wrong

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Drinkers were left reeling when a chance encounter by two men resulted in crossed-wires when their greeting turned into a weird hand-fist shaky action belonging to a parallel universe of pure wrong.

One bystander said, “there was a split second when ‘handshake bloke’ had time to adapt and make a fist – ‘fist bloke’ was too committed by that point.”

“But no, he actually just grabbed hold of his fist and started to shake it a couple of times. It was pretty horrific – everyone winced. A barmaid even let out a mini squeal.”

“To be fair, fist bloke was wearing a reverse baseball cap, torn jeans and trainers – a handshake was never on the cards. Handshake bloke was wearing jeans and brogues, so that seemed about right. How the f*ck they even know each other was beyond me.”

Handshake guy said, “I quickly realised it wasn’t who I thought it was. I should have known when I saw the cap. Before I could react I found myself shaking his fist – so, I giggled like an idiot and got the hell out of there, quick smart.”

Fist guy said, “my fist bump greet is instinct. But that was basically non-consensual rock-paper-scissors. I’m not gonna sleep tonight, that’s for sure.”

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