Treatment of man who can’t understand sarcasm “going really well”

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A man who seems unable to understand sarcasm has shown no improvement despite an intensive course of therapy.

“I thought I’d start by introducing him to the basic concept of lying,” said his therapist Dr Hausmann. “So I told him a bomb was about to go off and we were all going to die.”

“The idea was he’d realise from my calm demeanour that it wasn’t true, and it would help him use body language to see when people didn’t mean what they said. Instead, he got up and threw himself through a plate glass window, even though we were on the second floor.”

“Unfortunately, when he was finally able to return to therapy a few months later, the fire alarm went off mid session. Even though I got up to leave, he said he understand what I was doing and refused to move. He suffered third degree burns over most of his body before the Fire Brigade could forcibly remove him.”

Unsurprisingly, the man professed himself unhappy with the results of this therapy.

“But I’m not worried, because I told them I wanted a full refund and they said ‘Yeah, that’s definitely gonna happen.'”

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