Taking photos in black and white “doesn’t actually make them more arty”

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Experts confirmed today that taking photos in black and white doesn’t actually make them more “arty”, or in any sense better, than they would be if you’d used the colour setting on your phone like normal people.

It’s thought the observation was prompted by a “retrospective” of the work of Armand de l’Apres-Midi, currently showing at the Turtle’s Head “creative space” in Hoxton.

The official programme for the “showing”, available for a mere £15, explains that de l’Apres-Midi’s interest was in telling the story of “the dark underbelly of modern urban life, the forgotten, the overlooked, the left behind”. However, many punters seemed to feel he’d just wandered around a crappy part of town taking pictures almost at random, then whacked up the contrast in Photoshop to make everything look harsher.

“What’s so clever about taking a photo of some graffiti or an abandoned bike?” asked account manager Brian Wilkins, speaking quietly so he wouldn’t be overheard by the newish girlfriend who’d persuaded him to come. “And anyway, what’s all this about urban decay and desperation? That one’s quite near where I live in Brockley. It’s quite posh these days, we’ve got an M&S Simply Food.”

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