Jon Snow cricitised for mentioning whiteness of White Walkers


As avid fans settled in to watch the long awaited eighth and final season of Game of Thrones, many were shocked and dismayed to find lead character Jon Snow drawing attention to the whiteness of the White Walkers who seek to lay waste the whole of Westeros. ‘They’re just walkers, OK?’ wrote one disgusted viewer on a GoT fansite. ‘The fact that they’re white is irrelevant.’

To appease fans, screenwriters have hurriedly inserted a later scene in which Snow tells Samworth Tarley that he would object equally to any walkers breaking through the wall and advancing on his homeland, ‘whether Imperial walkers from Star Wars, floorwalkers from Are You Being Served?, Walkers Crisps, you name it’. The walkers, meanwhile, realise that immigration is the real issue and decide to go back where they came from, rebuilding the wall behind them – aside from a few who retired to Dorne, the part of the GoT world which is obviously meant to be Spain.

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