BBC renews Not Going Out for 31 more series


The BBC has recommissioned family sitcom Not Going Out for 31 new series. The show, currently in its tenth series, follows the hilarious antics of cheeky, sharp-witted Lee, originally an unemployed layabout lodger who has since married his landlady to become a downtrodden father of three. The news means the show will overtake Last Of The Summer Wine to become the longest-running sitcom in history when Series 35 airs in 2044.

Lee Mack, the show’s sharp-witted creator, said: ‘I can’t wait to get started on series 11 to 41 of Not Going Out. I think we’ve definitely got enough material to keep audiences laughing until the year 2050. Obviously the different characters will change and develop over time. For example, Lee will have gone from a sharp-witted but lazy thirty-something to a sarcastic but idle septuagenarian.’

The show, which has already seen major cast members such as Tim Vine and Miranda Hart leave in its first ten series, could see further changes. ‘Hugh Dennis, who plays Lee’s sharp-witted but put-upon neighbour Toby, has already announced he is leaving the show in 2026 to pursue other opportunities’ said Mack. ‘But he will be replaced by Phil, a sharp-witted, laddish new friend, who will be played by Johnny Vegas until 2041.’

‘Obviously, there’s a chance one of the actors playing one of the children could die in a drug overdose or tragic car crash at some point in the next few decades. But it’s okay, because we’ve already lined up Arthur Thomas from Emmerdale to replace them as one of Lee and Lucy’s sharp-witted but permanently embarrassed sons.’

Mack also revealed some upcoming storylines that will keep viewers glued to their screens over the next thirty-one years. ‘Lee and Lucy will get divorced at the end of Series 29, after Lucy discovers Lee’s affair with a young, sharp-witted work colleague, who will be played by Millie Bobby Brown, presuming she isn’t busy in 2038.’ Series 41 will probably be the last. ‘We can only go so far with the show, and eventually we are going to run out of storylines. Plus, I will be looking to pursue new roles during the 2050s, for fear of being typecast. But if the BBC are still interested in thirty-one years’ time, well, you can never say never.’

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