Lady gardens to be granted planning permission


Warrington Borough Council has defended its decision to include the town’s ‘lady gardens’ in the Local Plan, which means that they will qualify for planning permission.

‘Warrington’s lady gardens collectively come to around 50 acres,’ said a council spokesman.  ‘Very few are what you’d consider ‘pristine’, so we’ve categorised them as brownfield sites.  In theory we could protect 50 acres of green belt by using lady gardens.  Obviously we won’t protect the green belt because the developers want that, too – but we could, that’s the point’.

The move has been welcomed by developer Satan Millennium, which criticised opponents for ‘Nimvyism’, short for Not In My Vagina.  ‘People need houses, we need money and brownfield sites are a pain in the arse,’ said a spokesman.  ‘Ooh, that’s just given me an idea . . .’

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