Brexit impasse to be solved through the medium of interpretive dance


Both Prime Minister, Theresa May, and former Home Secretary Ann Widecommbe have agreed to perform a dance-off to solve the Brexit impasse ‘once and for all’.  Both are noted for their fluid moves and currently are representing different corners of the British political landscape. – however, fans fear it may descend into the ‘hokey cokey’.

Jeremy Corbyn called the contest ‘unfair’, and suggested an alternative method of determining the right to decide on the Brexit direction, suggesting ‘an allotment contest, perhaps?’ but discounting a mental arithmetic challenge, after right hand woman Dianne Abbot stepped up for the role.

The Liberal Democrats have counter-suggested a competition to ‘see how many MPs can fit in a telephone box’, suggesting they might hold their annual conference at the same time, while the Change UK party, whose primary aim is to prevent change to the UK by staying in the EU, has suggested a public vote – ‘unless its a by-election’.  Meanwhile, The Brexit Party demanded traditional dancing, for traditional British folk – but even they drew the line at Morris Dancing.


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