Change UK & Brexit Party to merge – ‘to get all the votes’


Leaders of the UK’s newest political/money-laundering parties, have agreed to unite a nation behind a motto of ‘one member, one policy’.  Analysis has shown that by combining all the Leave and Remain votes, the new group could get a workable majority in any Nandos.

A spokeswoman for the groups acknowledged:  ‘Setting aside our EU differences, we’ve discovered we have a lot in common – we’re both right-wing, have no principles and can’t tell the difference between a racist candidate and a homophobic one.’

Boasting memberships of upwards of 26 people, the two parties plan to focus on simultaneously keeping the UK in and out of the EU – known in political circles as the rhythm method.  However, both parties agree that any future tax code should remain resident in the Cayman Islands

‘Admittedly finding a name is challenging – ‘Change Brexit’ is too ambiguous and can be spun both ways. UK Independent Party has already been taken.  And Party Party, just sounds like something a three year old shouts, after too much jelly.  In the end we’ve opted for ‘Change Under Nigel To Fulfil Allen, Chuka Even Soubry’. Abbreviated as C.U.N.T.F.Ahhhhhh, maybe not. We might need to rethink that’.

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