Kids hungry for success, should just be kept hungry


Health Secretary Matt Hancock today hit back at critics of Government economic policies claiming that what to the outsider may look like savage cuts across all levels of society, are in fact carefully thought out policies.

Giving schools as an example, he referred to recent reports from teachers that pupils are arriving for lessons hungry.  A hungry child will learn says Mr Hancock, it may be old fashioned stick and carrot but it works he said.  Promise a deprived child drop of porridge and they will fly through the old algebra questions.

He said that the government were also listening to bosses, in 2010,the Racing industry were complaining about a lack of English jockeys coming through the system, Irish Jockeys were winning all the major races.  The government acted and England is now breeding its own short, underweight teenagers to join stables all over the country and with rickets now becoming common place amongst UK children, they are presenting with nice little bendy legs that fit perfectly on a horse.

He went on to say that the next time people hear the word austerity or hear about hospitals closing, they need to think, what is the real reason, what are the government really trying to achieve.

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