Brexit Party candidates suspended over non-inflammatory remarks


Brexit Party candidates for the forthcoming European Parliamentary elections are among those party members who have shared non-inflammatory social media posts including fact-based material.  Flagrant conciliatory posts include references to a second referendum as ‘perhaps for the best, really’, calls for ‘all parties to work towards a unifying position’ and claims that democracy ‘is alive and well’.

One Brexit Party supporter even claimed to have had ‘no trouble’ finding curvy bananas whilst holidaying in Spain and labelled the EU Commission as ‘a basically well-meaning body of men and women’.  Both of the European candidates have now been suspended pending an investigation.

A clearly emotional Nigel Farage issued a statement that, ‘I’m not happy ‘bout thish.  We were scrupulush, scruple, very careful when we picked our candididates.  Now we’re in a bit of a pickle. What?  Oh yes, large one please.’

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