Marvel’s next franchise will be set in ‘UK TV Detective’ Universe


On the eve of the release of the Avengers: Endgame movie this week, the 22nd film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe series, Stan Lee revealed that he had over a dozen films already lined up focusing on the exploits of Vera, DI Jack Mooney from Death in Paradise, John Barnaby off of Midsomer Murders and the Head of the Lyell Centre in Silent Witness.

The first film in the series, Aye: It’s a Bit Hot Here Luv, due for release in Summer 2019, will see the truculent Vera heading to the picture-postcard island of Saint Marie to try and solve a murder of a young singer in a luxury hotel resort. Plagued by difficulties in getting her 1970s land-rover vehicle exported onto the island, and suffering from hyperventilation after wearing a large trench coat in 35 degree heat, Vera ultimately prevails thanks to local detective Jack Mooney’s superpowers of deprecating humour, and an ability to communicate with small geckos.

This will be followed by a trilogy of films, tentatively titled Guardian of the Mortuary, in which Thomas Chamberlain out of Silent Witness teams up with bitter-drinking Midsomer Detective Barnaby to try and stop global crime networks penetrating the A34 corridor.  Viewers are promised fireworks from the start when, during an informal but vital plot recap segment in the local pub garden looking over the river, Chamberlain questions whether they really should have another pint and whether under current GDPR regulations they should discuss confidential suspect information in front of all the extras.

‘Fans can expect an even more complex web of worlds than the current Marvel cinematic Universe’, said, a deceased, Stan Lee in a rare interview today. ‘Chamberlain’s insistence on trying to apprehend suspects despite not being a member of the police force is a constant source of frustration for Vera, who, whilst unorthodox in her methods ultimately always prevails through old-school policing.  Mooney’s existential crisis as he faces the realisation that he has had three decent series and is likely to be written out by scriptwriters and replaced by John Bishop provides another recurring theme’.

Films will range from 55 minutes in length to just under 4 hours for some of the Silent Witness focused ones.  Each film will end with a set piece in which Mooney reveals cheerily who the villain is, before the four superheroes head off to play in the Marvel village charity cricket match, during which Chamberlain will turn the lights off in his lab accompanied by the haunting melody of a female choral singer and then Vera will drive off down a deserted B-road with a strong sense of melancholy in the air.

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