Local elections signal return to ‘not giving a shit’ for Brexit voters

Polling station

Political analysts are saying yesterday’s local election results clearly show that most Brexit voters, now without an opportunity to display their bigotry, ignorance and xenophobia, could no longer give a shit about voting once again.

Terry Fishwick, an arch Brexiteer from Billericay said: ‘Did I vote yesterday? No mate I didn’t. Look I couldn’t care less about funding for our roads, schools or policing and that. It’s of no interest to me at all. I only vote when the issue is bendy light bulbs or sending back foreigners to where they came from. That kind of stuff. But the one yesterday was all to do with local services and that. I just couldn’t give a monkey’s chuff, to be honest.’

Despite having been so keen to vote in the Brexit referendum, Terry explained he would not like a second chance to express his deeply-held opinion. ‘Another vote would be undemocratic, wouldn’t it?’ he said.

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