Leave voters furious that Farage won’t be their local councillor


Leave voters up and down the country took to social media today to express their anger that they were unable to vote for Nigel Farage in their local council elections, despite local councillors having no say in the EU withdrawal process and the Brexit Party itself having no policies or manifesto.

Voter Wayne Pearce from Norfolk said: ‘I like to think I’m fairly clued up on politics these days, but when I got to the Polling Station and saw I couldn’t vote for Mr Farage to be my councillor I was disgusted. This is another attempt by The Establishment to silence the will of the people’.

Similarly in Bromsgrove, Carol Sharpe complained: ‘I voted to Leave and would have voted for Nigel to make sure that happens. What do you mean, ‘Who do I want in charge of my bin collections’? What’s that go to do with it?’

Exit Polls suggest Nigel Farage would have won seats on 52 councils up and down the country, including 6 on Thanet Council, and the rumour is that he is considering launching a campaign to have electoral rules changed to allow him to stand in all wards, on all councils.

When asked how he could possibly sit on councils the length and breadth of the country simultaneously without massively neglecting his duties, Mr Farage replied: ‘The people have spoken. Working out how to avoid it being a colossal disaster isn’t my job.’

‘In any case, I’d probably do what I did at the EU and just not bother turning up. What’s a Councillor’s pension like, anyway?’

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