Bolton Cenotaph found in breach of GDPR


Council officials have ensured that the Cenotaph in Bolton town centre is to be covered in opaque material while they decide what to do with the stone construction. ‘Clearly the naming of individuals who have died serving our country is a breach of their personal data and being dead they are unlikely to be able to agree to the use of this data,’ said a Bolton Council spokesman today.

While the GDPR generally doesn’t relate to people who are dead, locals in Bolton have noted that family histories can be deduced from Cenotaph entries, leading to scammers identifying personal data about living people, although they concede the question ‘in which world war did your granddad die in?’ is probably not too common.

Officials acknowledge that covering the Cenotaph, until they find a more satisfactory solution to the problem, may be seen as being extreme, but suggest that burning the bans for local marriages is ‘prudent’. ‘OK, the occasional polygamy might go unobserved, but GDPR won’t be compromised,’ said the spokesman, who admitted he was currently married to his sister.

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