‘arst’ or it could be ‘ersb’ tagger strikes again


Members of the graffiti community were last night applauding the latest achievements of renowned tagger ‘arst’, or it could be ‘ersb’ or maybe ‘easf’.

The mystery tagger gained access to the roof of a tower block to spray-paint ‘arst arst arst arst arst arst arst arst’ along the very top of the building’s east wall (although it might read ‘ersb ersb ersb ersb ersb ersb ersb ersb’), then switch to the north-facing wall to go one better with ‘arst arst arst arst arst arst arst arst arst’. Again, some onlookers read the distinctive tag as reading ‘ersb’, while others say it could be ‘easf’ or even ‘crsf’. But fellow taggers are united in their admiration of the daredevil paint-sprayer and see his repeated daubings of ‘arst’, ‘ersb’, ‘easf’ or ‘crsf’, although it might be ‘crat’, as brightening up an otherwise dull urban environment.

‘A brick wall’s just a plain old brick wall to most people,’ explained fellow tagger ‘STAWB’, or it might be ‘STAUL’, ‘but it’s a big, beautiful canvas to people like arst, or easf. That third letter’s definitely an S, so it might even be ‘cast’. Anyway, the point is, he’s making his mark on the urban landscape and telling the world that he’s here, he exists and he’s an individual called… you know, I’m thinking now it might be ‘crsh’. Yes. That makes sense.’

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