Notorious chancer commits political suicide after failing lie detector test

Andrew Marr during filming for the BBC1 current affairs programme The Andrew Marr Show

There were calls today for the Andrew Marr show to be scrapped following the political suicide of a notorious reprobate soon after failing a lie detector test on the show.

Likely lad Boris “Bozza” Johnson was repeatedly harangued by Marr over the “blatant lies” he’d written on the side of a bus, viewers confirmed. Moreover, he was accused of cheating on his party leader by seeing Nigel “Beer and fags” Farage on the side.

Some viewers attribute his political suicide soon afterwards, when he chickened out of standing for the leadership of the party, to the way he was humiliated on the show.

However, others have suggested that a man with such a long history of lying, dating from his early years as the Telegraph’s Brussels correspondent, would hardly care about the revelation of something everyone already knows, and in reality he was panicking that he might be asked to take a DNA test and pay child support for any children that proved to be his.

Whilst some have called for the show to be axed, others have said it provides a welcome dose of bear baiting and primal savagery at a time when Westminster is so deathly dull.

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