Post Brexit Britain will solve Climate Change, say Brexit scientists

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Both Brexit supporting scientists have swung behind the initiative to reverse climate change. ‘The UK post Brexit can’t reverse it on its own,’ admitted the scientists. ‘That would take an organisation at least the size of the EU to coordinate,’ they added.

‘But the UK could do its part, and we’ve discovered a method that will reverse a major concern and, if rolled out around the planet, could be a solution in itself.’ The scientists took reporters to a wind farm on Anglesey and walked them over to a wind turbine. opening up a panel the scientists pointed to two wires, one brown and one blue. ‘Swap these two wires and we turn the generator into a motor and drive the turbine, creating wind, cooling the UK. Do this to all the wind turbines across the UK and you won’t need to worry about how to cool the Artic,’ they said.

When asked where the energy for the wind generators would come from the scientists babbled on about using ‘wave power and solar power’ before suggesting ‘how about digging up coal and burning it? That would work, wouldn’t it?’

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