Game of Thrones finale ‘ruined’ by Brexit fudge


Fans of the long running saga promising to showcase the dangers and opportunities of dealing with dragons and fire breathing individuals, mortal combat and an increasingly improbable storyline based on an age of ruthless beasts and damning liars have compared it to the HBO TV show, Game of Thrones. ‘Brexit, and the withdrawal treaty in particular, has had way more ups and downs than the entire series of Game of Thrones,’ said Alison from Whitby before correcting herself. ‘I meant to say downs and downs.’

Followers of the medieval fantasy epic believe that George R R Martin must have been inspired by the whole Brexit process. ‘That bullshit slogan on the side of a red dragon – where do you think he got that idea?’ asked Wayne from Chichester. ‘350 million groats a week – pure fantasy, just how I like it,’ he added.

Critics have slammed the finale, saying that the ‘withdrawal agreement isn’t substantially changed, despite what Theresa insisted in a spoiler alert issued last week,’ said one critic, who refused to reveal the final outcome of the series before PMQs on Wednesday. ‘Except to say Theresa is toast,’ he said, sniggering.

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