Chinese government fights for Huawei for no reason at all



Despite the lack of any motive for doing so, China’s ambassador to the UK has come out with strong words defending completely unconnected technology company Huawei, saying that there would be “repercussions” if Britain denied it a role in building the country’s 5G network.

“I want to make it clear that our robust defence of Huawei is in no way dependent on any favours they have agreed to do for us,” the ambassador told a BBC reporter.

“We would have done exactly the same if they’d refused to build us a back door into your network. Which of course they did. Or rather they would have refused if we’d asked them, which we didn’t.”

The ambassador went on to say she hoped the reporter’s baby son was feeling better soon, prompting the reporter to ask how on earth he knew he was ill, until she remembered who her baby monitor was manufactured by.

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