Man’s feeling of smugness for voting Green set to continue indefinitely


A floating voter who this time decided he “may as well give that Green lot a try” has been experiencing extreme smugness ever since casting his ballot.

The smugness first manifested itself during a watercooler conversation about Brexit at his workplace, when he conveyed, more by facial expression than actual words, how trivial others’ concerns about sovereignty and the economy seemed to him.

It was increased by a series of strategic likes of tweets which condemned short-termism in mainstream politicians, and a retweet of one that explained Game of Thrones as a metaphor for people squabbling amongst themselves and ignoring the coming environmental catastrophe.

However, this change in him is not proving universally popular.

“It’s not just the smugness, though that’s bad enough,” complained his wife. “He now insists on looking up the ‘food miles’ of everything we have for dinner. I had to tell him last night’s salmon en croute was made out of the goldfish in our pond.”

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