Almost everyone unsure why we’ve got Spring Bank Holiday

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Most Britons are unaware of any justification for today’s Spring Bank Holiday, a survey has revealed, but no one is mentioning it in case it’s an administrative error and by bringing it to the attention of the bankers it gets cruelly whipped away.
Bank holiday fan Martin Jones pondered to himself on waking naturally without the screeching banshee of his alarm clock that the bank holiday earlier in May brings back delicious memories from school of country dancing round a maypole, holding the hands of actual girls, the Easter and Christmas bank holidays are obvious religious holidays, the August one was to allow bankers to play cricket, but this one seems to have just plonked itself down in the calendar for no particular reason.
Expert in public holidays, Cecil Perkins, was consulted.
“It was Whit Monday” said Cecil.
“What Monday?” we asked.
“Whit Monday, it’s to do with Pentecost” replied Cecil.
“What’s a Pentecost?”
“About a tenner, or fifteen for a really nice one.”

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