Man admits to watching a single episode of Game of Thrones after all

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A man who delighted in telling anyone who’d listen that he’d never watched a single episode of Game of Thrones has finally admitted that he has seen one after all.
Philip Grander’s deceitful web of inverse snobbery was exposed by his wife Adriana after she caught him muttering “dwarf porn” in his sleep. “At first I thought he was having an affair”, said Adriana. “He kept mumbling ‘boobs’…’boobs’…’pretty girl'” over and over and I was quite aghast that our 40 years of marriage was under threat”.
Several cups of Earl Grey later, Philip finally admitted that he had seen an episode of the hit TV show. “For so long he has proudly stated that he had never watched a single episode”, said Adriana. “At dinner parties, in the pub, anywhere he went – whenever the topic came up he always got in there with his proud boast that he’d never seen it. He even took to various internet forums to make sure as many people as possible were aware of his claim”.
Philip will now be made to walk naked through the market square as an angry mob shout ‘shame!’



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