Early version of poem Kubla Khan in ‘tweet’ form discovered


Cambridge literary scholars have unearthed what’s believed to be an early draft of the poem ‘Kubla Khan’ by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Employing the then-novel ‘tweet’ form (also known as Triumpian metre) which restricts each verse to 148 characters, the poem describes Khan as a ‘stone cold loser’ who ‘everyone agrees was a disaster’ at leading the Mongol hordes.

The second tweet goes on to describe the ‘so-called stately pleasuredome’ as a ‘total failure, no one ever goes there. Sad!’ The poet finishes by declaring that he himself has built many hotel-casino complexes in Xanadu, though he’s not sure if any of them are still open, or if the builders were ever paid.
Interestingly, scholars say the poem was found with another one, ‘Ozyriograndias’, telling of a once-impressive wall along the Mexican border which, by the time of writing, is nothing but a ruin.

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