D-Day ‘best day ever’, veteran recalls


D-Day veteran Frank Taunton today spoke falteringly of that fateful day 75 years ago when tens of thousands of allied soldiers stormed the beaches of northern France to liberate the continent from the Nazis. ‘It were bloody brilliant’, said the 93-year-old ex-fusilier. ‘First we had a free trip across the Channel, then on the other side we were allowed to jump straight into the water and hit the beach! None of that passport and customs malarkey.’

Smiling ruefully, Frank reflected on his comrades who failed to get ashore alive. ‘Aye, they missed a cracker of a day! It was like bam bam bam all the way up the beach and into the town. There’s a kraut; I’ll have him! Bam! There’s another! Bam bam! It were fucking ace! And the French birds were just gagging for it – they already knew the krauts couldn’t shoot straight. Yes, shame about the ones that didn’t get that far but all the more rampant fanny for t’rest of us, eh? Happy days.’

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