Your guide to the 385 Million Guineas a Week Stakes


Blonde Ambition: Known as Boris to his stable girls, this striking white-maned stallion gamely keeps going despite blunders that would fell many others. Not popular with the other stallions in the race, as he has already covered most of their mares. He’s the one to beat but will probably be put out to stud if he loses again: 1/2 FAV

Gove Into View: Seemed to have it won last time around after ‘accidentally’ carrying Blonde Ambition out on the first circuit, only to let Maybot and Utterly Leadsom slip past him on the run-in. Runs intelligently but insistence on amateur jockey through his mistrust of experts may count against him. Has a past history of Phenylbutazone use. 3/1

Utterly Leadsom: A surprisingly good second place last time for this absolute mare. Has foaled in the past but this may not count for as much as her supporters think it should, since both of her foals have been humanely destroyed before they could do any damage. Hard to like at this price. Has a past history of Phenylbutazone use, no really… 6/1

HancocksHalfHour: Likely to run better if race does not lurch too far over to the right hand side of the course. Has a past history of Phenylbutazone use. 8/1

Complete Hunt: A smooth operator this one, coming up through the field to pose a challenge to heavier runners. Has a past history of denying Phenylbutazone use to horses that need it and trying to sell the pharmacy off on the side. Hard to like at any price. 10/1

Raabid for Brexit: A curious beast, often runs like he is on an autopilot. Has vowed to detonate the grandstand if that’s what it takes to win. Does not have a past history of Phenylbutazone use but might be better if he had. 10/1

BusDriversSon: Many find his appearance off-putting and not many friends in the paddock. High on ideology, so no need for a past history of Phenylbutazone use. 12/1

In for a Penny: Well turned-out filly, if a bit top heavy. Likely to take the water jump well but her stamina for the full course is questionable. Could be one for the future, if there is one. 25/1

TheOneYouveNeverHeardOf: Difficult to assess this one, since his form is so unknown that there is not even any information on his past history of Phenylbutazone use. 50/1

Major Rory: From the same stable near Windsor as Blonde Ambition and previous winner Call Me Dave, but there the similarities end. A highly intelligent racer, has not put a foot wrong in the paddock and deserves to win. Absolutely no chance. 250/1

Calm Down Esther: Sprightly filly, easy on the eye but hard on the ears. Out of the Duncan Smith Stable. Has a history of inflicting pain and hardship on many thousands of punters the length and breadth of the land, even if they can’t afford to bet. She could still worth a flutter even at long odds, because sometimes outsiders come through the field and win – well dey do doh, don’t dey? 500/1

Failing Grayling: Not officially running but could yet be put up if any of the others fail to make the weights, assuming he doesn’t get lost on his way out of the paddock. Owners have already wasted £5 billion on him, so they might fancy a laugh by entering him in this one. Would have a past history of Phenylbutazone use but missed when he tried to inject himself. 1,000/1



Malthouse Boy

Not Too Cleverley

Anyone Sane


(hattip Chipchase)

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