Shock as Blues Rock Covers-Band fails to play Cream’s ‘Crossroads’


Out of the multitude of middle aged men and women playing blues rock covers in small pubs, community centres and beer festivals across the country this weekend, the band ‘Bluez For You’ have mistakenly not included Cream’s “Crossroads” in their set list.

Audience member Janice Honeywell said: ‘It got to the end of their set and I felt the sense of an incomplete gestalt. They’d done all the usuals, we’d had Free’s ‘All Right Now’, Otis Redding’s ‘Hard To Handle’, a Hendrix number, a bit of ZZ Top, a touch of Led Zep, some Neil Young. But something was missing’.

This oversight has caused Bluez For You’s audience of long haired women who did not used to wear a bra and men owning snazzy waistcoats, to very slightly lose their mojo. Ways they are attempting to restore it are having a third beer, denouncing anything played acoustically, finding someone to agree vinyl is the best format or purchasing an item of clothing with tassels or embroidery.

Bluez For You’s guitarist blamed this error on the drummer who wrote out the set list: ‘If I’d been in charge of the Sharpie, we’d have had none of this missing Clapton chaos,’ he said’ ‘Now the universe is slightly misaligned and it’s going to take some major riffing on my part to shift it back’.

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