Man rues 21yrs of targeted ads for ‘adult toys’ after one-off online purchase in 1998


A 46-yr-old customer services executive from South East London says he bitterly regrets using an online sex shop over twenty years ago to buy a ‘joke gift for a friend’. Dale Walters told reporters: ‘I’ve shopped online for years. I get all my food online, clothes, books, all sorts of things. But I never see adverts on my browser for any of that stuff. I buy one Swedish pneumatic penis enlarger…’

Mr Walters has tried deleting his search history, logging in with different accounts, using a private network, all to no avail.

‘It’s extremely embarrassing. My Mum came round just last week and I was showing her something on facebook, and straight away I get a pop-up for leather gimp-wear.’

‘To be quite frank, I’d have got something else for Phil on his stag weekend if I’d known it would haunt me for the next twenty years – just like what actually happened on Phil’s stag weekend, which still gives me night terrors.’

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